Brake System Warning Signs:

  • Your car pulls to one side when braking.
  • Your brakes make a grinding noise when braking.
  • A squealing noise that stops when braking.
  • Your brake pedal pulsates up and down when pressed.
  • Your brake pedal is low, hard, soft or spongy.
  • Your vehicle loses grip under braking.
  • Your dashboard warning light is red or amber.
  • Your brake pedal is low or hard to push.
As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, please contact MTB Auto Care to have your brakes checked.


Mufflers & Exhaust Warning Signs:

  • When your vehicle makes a louder noise than usual or you hear a ticking sound when accelerating (which may indicate an exhaust leak due to corrosion).
  • When fuel consumption increases and/or lack of performance is noticed.
  • When rust is visible on exhaust system parts.
  • When rattles are heard from the exhaust system.
  • If you observe an unusual smell or burning odor (which could be a potentially dangerous exhaust leak).
Cars and trucks used for short journeys have a tendency to corrode their exhaust systems a lot quicker.


Steering and Suspension Warning Signs:

  • A vehicle with defective shock absorbers can take as much as 8.5 feet extra to stop in an emergency.
  • Your car is hard to steer, the steering system may need repair, or there may be a problem with the power steering unit.
  • The steering feels loose, steering linkage parts may be worn.
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side may indicate worn steering parts, wheels out of alignment or that brakes are dragging.
  • Your steering wheel jerks.
  • A vibrating steering wheel.


Engine Issues or Warning Signs:

Maximize the lifespan and value of your vehicle with regular servicing at MTB. Visit us before your engine light goes on or if you notice any of the following:

  • Your vehicle is stalling frequently
  • Your car is not running smoothly
  • Your vehicle hestitates upon acceleration.
  • Your car is difficult to start
  • Your car idles badly
  • Your car has worsening gas mileage
Our team of qualified technicians will ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard. MTB will have you back on the road in no time.

Tune Ups

Is your vehicle stalling, lagging or getting poor fuel economy?

It's always distressing to see those little check engine lights illuminate your dashboard and you may be tempted to ignore them. But those lights come on for a reason. It's the car's diagnostic system alerting you to a pressing maintenance issue. When the lights come on, it's in your best interests to take the vehicle in for prompt servicing.


Your car's electrical system consists of the battery, starter and alternator.

The battery provides juice to the starter. Then, the alternator gives that battery the energy it needs to power your car. If one of these parts is not working properly, your car won't start or run correctly. Our expert technicians can perform an electrical system check to ensure everything is working properly.

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